Friday, March 13, 2015

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Auto Insurance US

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USSA is founded by Native army officers in US for insuring themselves. Now new generations of Military members, veterans family also received the eligibility of USSA insurance. The best Thing is USSA offers their insurance coverage at very low price as compared to others. The Knockout is you could save $409 per year on Auto Insurance

How you can save big with USAA Auto Insurance :-

  • Change your Insurance Company to USAA for better annual savings of $409 
  • Accident Forgiveness for just a few dollars a month
  • Flexible payment options according to your pay schedule — at no additional charge.
Advantages of Insure your vehicle with USSA :-

  • Exceptional service
  • Easy access
  • USAA Roadside Assistance
  • Award–winning customer service
  • USAA Auto Circle®
  • Guaranteed Renewal

USSA have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 in among us insurance companies. USSA insurance providing affordable rates as compared to other insurance agencies. They also offering good servicing to customers. And also very fast payment system. They also stands for fair and professional claim process. Financial Strength of USSA have of a rating 4.9 out of 5.

Discounts Offered by USSA :-

  • Student away at school has a discount of 20%
  • Car has anti-theft device, if it is they surely give a dicount of 20%
  • Car has seat belts/ air bags also get a discount of 15%
  • Car stored on Military base surely get a discount of  15%
  • Two or more cars through on one policy also get back to you a discount of 13%
  • Vehicle has clean records and papers, no accident in recently also get a discount of 10%
  • Good student will get discount 10%
  • Package of Home Insurance + car insurance give back you a discount of 9%
  • Defensive driving course taken customer eligible for discount
  • Taken specific youth driving course eligible for discount
  • Loyal customer
  • Vehicle has anti lock breaks
  • Car has lights
  • New car
  • Package of life insurance with car

Contact Info :-


Phone Number: 

                       (800) 531-8722

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